Beauty brand Dove has taken things a step further in trying to make women feel comfortable in their skin. The beauty brand has launched a new product called “Dove Patch” that is simply worn on the arm to make one feel more beautiful.

dove_beauty_patch_3x2_use_this ht_dove_commercial_1_sr_140409_16x9_608The campaign uses a few women to as experiment to test the effectiveness of the patch and in this video we see woman with low self-esteem gradually becoming more sure of their beauty after a few days of wearing the patch. At the end of the experiment these women are asked if they will like to know what is inside the beauty patch – yes, they say – and Dove reveals that there is nothing in the patch at all. It’s a life altering experience for some of these women with some giggling while others cry.

DovePatches dove-patches-hed-2014Dove states, “At Dove, we are committed to creating a world where beauty is a source of confidence not anxiety. So we created Dove: Patches and invited women to discover how the right state of mind can unlock a powerful feeling of beauty that lives inside all women. Become part of the journey that will empower women around the world with the message that beauty is a state of mind.

While some people took to Twitter to praise the brand for telling women they’re beautiful on their own, others have found it downright insulting and making the women seem gullible. What are your thoughts?

A fake beauty patch to make you see yourself as more beautiful seems a bit far-fetched but at the same thing it is possible to think something is working for you when it really isn’t.

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