With all the major events happening right now one knows we have to maintain a high standard of grooming. So, when it comes to our feet we all know that pedicures are the only way forward.

With this in mind FAB can explain how easy it can be to home pedicure for a novice and offer the best pit stop in town to help you achieve perfect foot by doing it yourself!

If you are short for time and in a hurry then performing the perfect pedicure at home is easy.

How To Do Pedicure At Home:
Start by soaking tired feet in warm water adding in oils or milk, which will help soothe and loosen dead skin.

Dry feet and then scrub with a good pumice stone or exfoliator to help remove any dry patches. Apply a luxurymoisturiser such as ‘Treat Your Feet’ Foot Cream by Elemis and massage into feet in all areas, including problem zones.
Wipe off excess cream and using a hoof stick, push back and trim cuticles were necessary. Cut and file nails making sure that you file in a horizontal line to avoid ingrown toenails.

Finally add a clear base coat of polish to avoid staining nails, painting on two coats of your favourite nail polish. Haymarket in mint green, both on-trend colours for the summer season. Include on a clear top coat to seal the colour and you’re done!

However if you do not have time to spare then it is always advisable to book yourself in for a luxurious treatment. Currently Bnatural Spa, in Lagos, where I often use, is offering their signature treatment for all weather conditions – the B Happy (happy foot feet massage and pedicure finished with a perfect sense of foot treatment)

They use an assortment of aromatherapy oils and balms to relax not only tired feet, but also body and mind. BLISS!
The pedicure provides a deep yet gentle exfoliation whilst the foot massage is performed with warm volcanic pebbles; and innovative way to relax muscles, aches and pains, leaving you rejuvenated and revived for forthcoming events.

Have a FAB one!

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