FAB BEAUTY: Dencia to launch skin care line – Whitenicious


This December, Singer Dencia will launch a skin care line starting with a dark spot remover. Whitenicious will be sold online and select stores around the world.

Look out for it and see picture below:



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One Response to FAB BEAUTY: Dencia to launch skin care line – Whitenicious

  1. Michelle Spice says:

    Dencia needs to learn how to read and write properly! Selling skin whitening cream with its underline tone of “White Supremecy” is not an excuse to want to be BARBIE!

    Tell this sistah she looks ridiculous! she should not have the opportunity to get access to mass media and perpetuate such message! We should not be in the business to kill our African ideals and our supremecy!

    I hope that she has no following of young African women!

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