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FAB Beauty: 8 Beauty Tricks For An Emergency Late Night Out Fix


We’ve all been in situations where after a late night out we woke up with messy faces and unforgiving hair. Whether you wake up in your own bed this weekend or wake up having no clue where you are one thing is certain; you will need to erase the tell-tale signs of the night before.

We’ve all been there: trading in beauty rest for another round of margaritas or a tempting late-night rendezvous.

Today we detail some of our own morning-after rituals, from depuffing eye tricks to getting ready in next to no time. Armed with unlikely tools like olive oil and dryer sheets, we’re taking beauty hacks to the next level:


1) If you spent the better part of the night hanging around dive bars or with smokers, the quickest way to rid yourself of that odor is a dryer sheet. Simply rub one on your hair and — voilà! — you’ll smell fresh in seconds.

2) Red wine tends to leave a wicked stained lip, and just one glass can leave your lips totally dehydrated and chapped. To fix both of these morning-after mishaps, dampen a toothbrush and exfoliate the lip to remove the dead or tinted skin.

3) Maybe you woke up in a home that’s not your own and have to make do without your trusty makeup remover. No sweat. Snoop around the kitchen for a bottle of olive oil, which can do double duty on last night’s smeared mascara.

4) No time to wash your hair after closing down the club last night? Spray your locks with a spritz of dry shampoo at the roots and a sprinkle of texturizing powder at the middle and ends for a #wokeuplikethis-worthy ‘do.

5) If you’re anticipating a late night out, don’t skimp on the long-lasting eyeliner. A waterproof or 24-hour liquid liner will get you through the night, so you don’t have to spend time reapplying in the morning.

6) If there’s one product you’ll want in your arsenal for the morning after, it’s a brightening concealer. Applying it in unexpected areas, such as your cheekbones and up the center of your face, will fool anyone into thinking you’re well rested.

7) No time to apply primer, moisturizer, foundation, etc.? Cut straight to a rosewater spray (that you can DIY ahead of time) that will instantly give your skin the moisture and glow it needs to look totally refreshed.

8) The quickest way to appear pulled together and fresh-faced is by swiping on a bright-red lipstick. The splash of color will draw attention away from any less-than-perfect skin situations from that all-night dance party.

And a bonus tip…

Puffy eyes are an instant giveaway to a late night out. Minimize baggy eyes by applying a chilled spoon under them. The cool sensation will also help wake you up.


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