The 6 New (Awesome) Ways To Wear Neon FAB Magazine (2)

Neon makeup can be a terrifying conquest. Those fluorescent fuchsias and lime greens may look gorgeous in their respective pots and tubes, but the second they hit your face, the shades can become not so great.

Well, this summer, it’s time to turn the vivid-makeup game on its head. Instead of the over-the-top color pops you tend to see in the warmer months, it’s time to upgrade your creamy pastels, giving them a neon bite with shades that are so much easier to wear. Once you’ve got your foundation under control, you can dive right into your brights for an electric daytime look. Stepping out at night? These updated neons transition beautifully for evenings as well. Yes, they’re that versatile!

Click through to see how to make these creamy neon hues work for you. You may just find yourself wondering why you ever feared fluorescent in the first place:

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