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FAB Beauty: 4 Ways to Overcome Your Fear Of Wearing Bold Lipstick

bright-neon-orange-lipstick-for-daring-brides.medium_large For some people it takes an effort for them to walk out of the house with bold lipstick on – regardless of the colour – and that’s okay (it does not make you weird).

If you’ve ever felt a little too shy or not quite confident enough to rock some seriously visible makeup, you can get over your fear, too. All you need to do is:

Pick a patron makeup saint: You need guidance from a higher power! Your patron makeup saint could be anyone who radiates confidence and makeup artistry, from Jessica Rabbit to Effie Trinket to RuPaul. When you feel nervous about wearing a bright colour, think to yourself, “Would RuPaul bat an eyelash over neon pink lipstick? I THINK NOT.” Then sashay away into the world.

Practice at home: Wish you could wear a shiny, scarlet red lip to work? Give it a trial run at home a few times before taking your act on the road! And you’re not alone in this. There’s lipstick advice everywhere. You can read all about how to get the perfect red or the ideal matte orange, or whatever you want.

Take baby steps: Wear your neon coral lipstick to, say, the supermarket. If no one faints from shock, try wearing it on the bus. You might feel silly, as if everyone is staring at you, but trust: everyone has seen far more shocking things on the bus than a confident person rocking an almost-glow-in-the-dark lip.

Just do it:Bring your “crazy” makeup to work, and into your life! When you first start wearing bright colours at work, act casual—kind of an “oh, this old thing?” scenario. You can always wipe off your colour in the bathroom if you must. But why would you? You look confident, great, and so colourful!


Source: Beautylish


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