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FAB Beauty: 10 Travel Beauty Essentials To Stock Up On


One thing that we all learn from frequent traveling is how to be really good at packing.

It might seem like a piece of cake but trust us when we say that sometimes the most difficult thing about traveling is making sure that all essentials are safely tucked in your box.

For glamorous ladies this means beauty item, fashion pieces, electrical appliances (guilty!) and much more. The best way to reduce your excess luggage is to know the essentials to travel with and today we will be sharing with you our 10 travel beauty essentials to help you for your next travel:

The Bag Itself: It’s always a good idea to just go with what’s universally approved at the airport: a plastic, 1-quart zip-close plastic baggie.

Teeny-Tiny Bar Of Face Soap: Or a small refillable squeeze bottle of your face cleanser.

Small Facial Moisturizer: You need your face to be moist and radiant but you don’t need to bring a jug-sized facial moisturizer

Travel-Size Shampoo And Conditioner: You can try swiping the free ones during a hotel stay to use for future travels. And who hasn’t done that before?!

Concealer/Foundation Product: Go for a two-in-one product! Traveling is made for multiple-function products

Basic Translucent Powder: To be honest this will always be in your bag for touch-ups but you can have your loose powder in your makeup purse as well.

Multi-Tasking Eye, Lip, And Cheek Stick: The majority of the makeup you’ll need to apply can be done in one single product

Palette With Room For Shadow, Liner, And A Super-Bright Lipstick: There are some palettes that have four products in one so this saves room in your makeup purse

Tiny Travel-Sized Mascara: Mascara tubes can take up a surprising amount of space in your quart bag—go small! Look for a mini version of your favourite mascara.

Travel-Size Atomizer Of Your Favorite Perfume: All you have to do is get a travel-size atomizer and pump your favourite perfume in to keep you smelling fresh and feeling confident.


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