It’s times like these where religion and religious leaders are given positive portrayal in the media. It’s one of the few times in my opinion where God is seen as important and needed by society.

For example during these riots Bishop John Francis held a prayer vigil in Kilburn where one of his churches is based. He told the 600 plus Christians who gathered to pray for the nation, that when they contacted Brent council to ask if they wanted prayer they were “so happy” that they had called. Would they have been “so happy” if they were calling to ask for planing permission to build a new church building?

“They asked for prayer for the police force and emergency services to be protected as they try to keep peace as they have had to work on minimum rest. They asked the church to pray as they need strength and are tired. They said please do not forget that the police force are ordinary people with families, pray for their families who are scared. They asked as a church to do everything in out power to get our kids home safe and get of out streets because it’s dangerous, ” Bishop Francis told the crowd.

Under normal circumstances I don’t think the council would have shown such faith in the power of prayer, I mean it’s not as if Christian values still play a prominent role in society, do they? Was it genuine belief that God could actually help them, or was it just pure desperation?

Bishop John Francis of Ruach Ministries

There was also another prayer vigil held in Tottenham, the place where these riots all started. Reverend Nims Obunge OBE, of the Haringey Peace Alliance, said, “There is now a fear of violence that wasn’t here before. We absolutely cannot let what happened on Saturday allow us to lose hope that Tottenham can rebuild. We have to keep the faith. That’s what this vigil is about.”

Reverend Nims Obunge OBE of Haringey Peace Alliance

So is that all it is, the community’s about-turn to God, is it in search of hope? Does society really believe that God can do anything or does prayer just fulfill the desire to feel like you’re doing something to help the situation?

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