It’s frequently a question that often prompts a boastful answer or a bashful one: How many sexual partners have you had?

As we see the new release of Romantic/Comedy ‘What’s your Number ‘, which stars Anna Faris re-encounting the past twenty men she’s had relationships with in her Life, it only dawns on me how funny most guys are about knowing their future partners number.  Most Africa men would like to think that their partners have only been with one other partner…if that, men have the idea that women are to remain passive regarding affairs of sexual activity.

But why is that?


A conversation with a male friend of mine gave quite an insightful truth, he mentioned a previous girl he was dating had quite a high number and even though he liked this girl a lot, he knew it would never get serious due to this fact, he claimed he could not ‘trust’ her due to her PAST promiscuous ways.

Now, even though I could understand his concern I have to think if the girl my friend was dating had lied about her number surely the relationship would have been built on dishonestly anyway! So really the Trust my friend was talking about would have gone out the window. I’d like to believe that being honest is always the best way to go but unfortunately for this girl it did not work out in her favor.


This situation makes me think if a women’s number were high would it be better if they lied about how many sexual partner’s they have had just so they can settle with the right man?


So FABulous people, what are your thoughts on sharing your number?

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