The FAB thing about being a dancer for me is the feeling it gives me. I’m at my happiest when I’m dancing, I can’t help but move to a good piece of music and I love the way the combination of music and dance can just transport me to another place.

Here’s what some other dancers at the Intelligent Movement festival said…




“The FAB thing about being a dancer is there will never be a rule of what you can do and you can always be free.” Rowdy


“The FAB thing about being a dancer is the energy that it creates and the buzz that it gives you. Sometimes when you’re feeling sad or angry  you can just let it out in your dance.” Sansan










“The FAB thing about being a dancer is it’s free. Sometimes when I see people on the train listening to music and they just stand still I don’t get it. Music makes you move, if it doesn’t make you move there’s something wrong.” Skytilz


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  1. Nicola

    i love a dance/boogie but wish i could dance professionally.. dancing makes me happy too!


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