Baby mamas are not the first to receive a part on their backs and an accompanying sweet little kiss on the arrival… no, put it this way (let’s not jump the gun)… the timid, frightful announcement of “that thing” (I suppose that’s what “its” grandparents would call “it” the first time they refer to the baby, right off the top of their heads before thinking) growing in them. I’m sure you agree with me.

Apart from the hurtful side comments they get and the way society will jump at immediately tagging them “prostitutes”, “outcasts”, “sluts” and what have you, they struggle through untold emotional pain and imbalance through life, I’m told.

Don’t misunderstand my view point. I’m sure I wouldn’t support you being a baby mama if you’re thinking in that direction and if you’re a teen and still have meaningful things like school and purpose to go through, you don’t have my vote either. But sadly, though, this has become an everyday happening, the world over. Kids (well, that’s what you are, if you’re a teen and a pregnant one) often face rejection from the ones they love and will turn to the next loving shoulder to lean on.

Watch one teen’s story. You might want to say “Emotional blackmail!” in the middle of it (like I did – just so we all know we’re not encouraging the teenage baby mama trend) but then again, I’m forced to remember that these teens are humans just like you and I and need a way forward, a solution from that limiting and problematic point to wholeness again.

A pregnant teen might not be all you hoped for your child but what do you do if your daughter comes home pregnant and says she has to halt her education for whatever reasons best known to her, taking care of the baby and settling into her new status, being number one? Would you listen in on her or do the first irrational thing that comes to your mind? What is even the first irrational thing you’ll think of?

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