“Go back to the 17th century when Europe ruled the world and make a tremendous fortune. Buy slaves. Discipline them. Exploit them. Become the most powerful slave trader. Slavery: The Game.” 
Now that sounds like fun doesn’t it?

The trailer for the Slavery video game has caused much controversy after it’s release on the internet. In the game, just as the introduction says, you buy slaves and “discipline them” with a selection of weapons like a whip, a spiked club or a rifle just to name a few.

The game is apparently set for release next spring and will be available on Xbox, Playstation 3 and PC. The game is said to be created by Total War developers The Creative Assembly and it already has hundreds of Facebook groups calling for the game to be banned.

Is it me or is this entertainment going a little bit too far? Don’t get me wrong I’m a massive fan of a good “shoot em up” game, but they’re not based on real life events that affected so many people in such a negative way. This has gone way past insensitive and is just poking fun at one of the worst points in history. I personally don’t see what the appeal of this game could be.

However faith in humanity can be restored after rumours are swirling round the web that this game is just a hoax.

A spokesperson from The Creative Assembly said, ” “The Creative Assembly and Sega have no knowledge of, and are not in any way involved with this title.”

Sony have also said that they “are not aware of the existence” of this game and don’t plan on making it available on Playstation.

Well that’s a relief.

But I still want to ask, if this was a real video game would you be offended by it or would you play it because it’s not reality?

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