Kanye West claims this is true in his song Never let me down featuring Jay Z, and apparently so do readers of Voice newspaper. In a recent online poll 82 per cent or readers felt like their children experienced racism at school.

Do black children still face racism at school?

This poll came after the news that an Essex teacher was sacked after calling students with less intellligence “Congo bongos”.

Paul Phoenix, of Parents against Racism in Schools said, “There is racism within the school system, within the education delivery system, within the local education authorities. That racism is not being addressed because a lot of parents are unaware of how to address it. They aren’t being given proper guidance. In addition, the irony is that a high percentage of our own people are aware it is going on but keep a low profile and keep their mouths shut.”

Phoenix also claims that 70 per cent of black children that are labelled underachievers should not be.

Adding more fuel to the flame, two weeks ago a Black teenager won a court case against a school in North London that refused him admission because his hair was in cornrows.

So do you think that racism is still alive in our schools? Will it ever change? Leave your comments!


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