Black people make up only 5 per cent of the NHS but according to figures released to Nursing Times under the Freedom of Information Act 57 per cent of all fraud investigations involved black and ethnic minority groups.

The report revealed that 66 out of the 98 people prosecuted by the NHS anti-fraud sector, between April 2010 and March 2011 were recorded as “African Caribbean”. Is this because they were guilty of fraud or because the odds were already against them?

An NHS spokesperson said, “NHS Protect’s focus is the investigation and collection of evidence relating to allegations of fraud or corruption, not a person’s ethnicity.”

So are all these “allegations” deserved or are ethnic nurses just used as a scapegoat? Does this show signs of underlying racism, or are these just the facts?

What are your thoughts?

Are the number of fraud investigations deserved or a result of racism?

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