Apparently millions are “clueless” about how to raise their children with proper moral boundaries, in remedy to this David Cameron is drawing up plans to give  all couples advice on how to be good parents.

The Prime Minister believes that last month’s riots highlighted the need for traditional family values to be reinforced in society. The guidance will be provided through the National Healthcare Service (NHS) and will be modelled on the advice given by by the National Childbirth Trust on giving birth.

One person commented on the Daily Mail website:

Parents seem to have let TV, music, fashion mags and video games raise their children so now we have kids having kids with no idea of how to raise them as they have no life experiences to teach them anything. I think parenting classes should be compulsory for all pregnant women and their partners. Whether this should be paid for by the NHS or Local Authority is another debate! The government and society has had a very bad lapse in judgement and for those not so savvy people, they and their children will pay the price! Time we fixed up as a nation!

It seems that David Cameron may be right about the collapse in traditional family values. During the riots sites like Facebook and Twitter were full of quotes from parenst supposedly telling their children to go out out and get things that they would otherwise never be able to afford. There was even a story of an 11 year old boy who stole a £50 bin and looked up to his “criminal” father as a role model.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron

Of course it’s time that parent’s take their roles more seriously but is it the government’s job to get involved? Can they even make a difference? These classes seem like a good idea in theory but whether they will make any difference to the “moral collapse” in the UK is another story.

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