On his promotion tour for the new Transformers 3 film Tyrese made a couple comment on his radio show about polygamy. In his opinion men should have more than one woman.


He thinks that as long as the man is honest about it and let’s the woman know that she is not the only one than it absolutely fine for the man see other people.

He said:

My thing is if you are going to move around like that at least give the girls the heads up. I think the whole dipping off five or six women simultaneously, making them all think that they are the only one, that’s when people get fired up. But if your pimping is right just be like look, I am just not in that space right now to be settling down [and to] be focusing on one [woman]. You should give them a heads up

So what do you think? Is he right? And what I want to know is it the same for women?

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  1. kbdavies

    “In his opinion men should have more than one woman.” -This is a misleading statement, as Tyrese was not giving his “opinion”, but rather answering a question.

    What he said was (i paraphrase) – If you don’t want to be in an exclusive relationship, and you’re not ready to settle down, then at least let the women know; rather than creeping around and making them feel like they are the only one – Nothing particularly revelatory or contentious about that.

    NB: Having multiple relationships is NOT Polygamy.


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