As I browsed the fashion blogs in my usual way I came across pictures of Nicki Minaj’s pictures for her new album, Roman Reloaded, I saw more of what we have all seen too much of, Nicki Minaj’s bottom. While I don’t see anything wrong with expressing yourself and dressing however makes you feel attractive, are these over sexualised pictures really necessary to sell this talented woman’s music?

We only have to turn on the TV to see sex on our screens, no amount of bleeping out words, censoring images and banning videos can make a change to what is fast becoming a very overtly sexual music industry. The pictures of Nicki see her writhing around in paint in a very brief pair of pants, a bra and a pair of Louboutin shoes.



These pictures made me wonder,

“do female artists really need to do this to sell their music, and if so, have we just accepted that this is how the music industry is?”

In the naughties I have seen many more covers of naked women than naked men, how do men sell thier music with ‘getting their kit off’ so to speak?

It worries me that Nicki is such a role model to young girls, and is so aware of that responsibility, but she still sprawls her naked image over her promotional material and expects no one to be offended by it. And after all, isn’t Roman her male alter-ego? Not a paint covered blonde female?



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