The drought in East Africa has aroused leading British aid agencies to launch an appeal to help the millions of people affected. However when reading about this on The Sun website I noticed that many comments suggested people were not happy with this initiative.



Chairty [sic] starts at home.

Ever tried pumping air into a punctured tyre……Rest my case.

As long as Africa has leaders living in untold luxury with fleets of limousines, and wives going out on £50,000 shopping sprees, then Africa’s problems will never be solved. Government officials cream off the money, to provide for their own opulent lifestyles, and the poor rely on countries such as ours to feed them for another year.

These were some of the comments on the website. Many of the readers agreed that every year the UK gives millions of pounds to third world countries yet the fruits of this aid are never really seen.

What do you think? Are we just pumping air into a punctured tyre? Do you still believe that your donations make a difference? Or should it be left to these countries to fend for themselves?

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