Marvel have released images of their new and improved(?) Spiderman. I present to you bi-racial Spidey! Miles Morales takes over from the late Peter Parker as the resident superhero. Miles a nerdy, Brooklyn-bred, working class teen is half Black and half Latino. Huge contrast to Peter Parker who was white and raised in a mainly white area, Queens.

So why the huge change? Could one Barack Obama have anything to do with it? If you can have a mixed raced president (although I’m not sure for how long) you can have a mixed race superhero right?

According to Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso the new Spiderman “speaks to” America’s  “rich cultural heritage”. They knew that they wanted to make a statement with the new Spidey he told AFP news agency.

Axel also added that when Miles “peels off his mask now, he’s going to have a very different look and he’s going to resonate emotionally with all sorts of new readers”.

The new direction for Spiderman was also a personal choice Axel suggests because the comics’ writer Brian Michael Bendis is Jewish and has two children which he adopted from Africa.

So what do you think of the new Spiderman? Is it about time that something like this happened? How do you think Spiderman fans will respond?

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