Christianity can often be a good thing for people in relationships it can help people to maintain good morals and show them what love really is. Many Christian couples say their faith is the foundation of their relationship. An important part of Christianity is the church, and it can often be healthy to go to church. But as Mkhululi Mpofu, editor of UK-based news website Zimbabwean Diaspora, discovered a shocking number of families are broken because one partner becomes obsessed with the church

This is a topic that is not really discussed within the community, probably because when looking for a partner going to church regularly is seen as a favourable trait. But in a society where churches are asking for huge sums of money to receive your “breakthrough” or to fund a new building complex the amount of time and money spent on the church can have dire affects on a relationship.

Often times a person can take the word of a pastor over the word of their spouse. Take Maxwell from Coventry for instance who Mpofu writes about in his article. Maxwell’s devout church-going wife filed for divorce after her pastor told her that he had seen Maxwell’s “spiritual wife” in a vision.

“This is when the problems started. She began to accuse me of all sorts. My wife just flipped. If I met that pastor, I swear he would do a lot of explaining,” Maxwell said to Mpofu.

Another example is Connie whose husband hardly spent any time at home because he was always at church trying to be “God’s favourite”. Kevin sacrificed buying the basic necessities needed in their family home to give huge sums of money to the church leaving the family £10,000 in debt. Any money that Connie earned was used to support her and the children. She tells The Voice of a time when they needed to buy a bed and Kevin said there was no money to buy one, but the next day he was able to give £200 to the church. “He had no trouble finding money,” she said. After everything Kevin left the family because “the voice of God” told him so. Doesn’t the bible teach against divorce?

Christian marriage counsellor, Brian Charles says that so many Christian families get the message wrong.

“It’s God first; family second and church is somewhere down the list,”he said.

So what do you think, should responsibility and priorities change within the church when you get married? Or should the spouse just support you in your “devotion to the Lord”?

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  1. Suby

    Think the whole answer to this issue lies in the wise words of Brian Charles when he says It’s God first; family second and church is somewhere down the list,” I don’t understand how hard that is to understand. But lets be weary of the “God first” as all it takes is the smart “man of God” to remix that to mean “God first” equals. “Church first”.

    Also I think there has to be moderation in everything. I remember going to church once and having the gall to take the offering basket when it was passed to me and not drop any money into it, the stares of disapproval I got not only from the usher and those around me was not funny. Now this also is a sample of the UNSAID pressures some face in churches (and other places to be fair) to give, be at church a lot, etc thus sometimes affectin somepeoples family life.


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