It seems the natural hair movement that has taken the US by storm is finally trickling down to the UK. People with Voices a UK Journalism training scheme for under-represented groups has launched a campaign to celebrate natural afro-texture hair.


They did this in response to the growing number of women in the UK who are scrapping the relaxers and straighteners and embracing their “naptural” hair. Each day People with Voices will feature articles, book reviews and personal stories of women who have gone the natural route.

Women decide to go natural for a number of different reasons, some of them political some of them just personal. Some women can’t bear the sight of their own hair in it’s natural state and some who are natural can’t bear the sight of their hair straightened. Recently a friend of mine who straightened her hair for the first time in almost two years took one look at herslef in the mirror and immediately washed it out.

So FAB asks what is it that made you go natural? Or is it something that you wouldn’t ever do?

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2 Responses

  1. WinterNights

    I decided to go natural because my otherwise healthy hair became limp and lifeless with relaxers. I was not one of those relaxer abusers but it just did not agree with my scalp. I like the versatility that comes with having a straight style and it reverting back without looking limp and lifeless. I did not go natural to get intouch with my African side. My passport reminds me everyday lol, plus I am African, it is who I am…no hair style can define that. I am glad a lot of us are embracing our own hair. I still rock my weaves, braids and wigs but by God my hair has never been healthier than it is now (well not since before relaxing it :-p). O and it is growing, no it is sprouting out of my scalp. I can not imagine what the length will be in a year.

  2. Nicola

    ive only recently let my natural hair hang out.. albeit sometimes under wigs because relaxing/perming/weaving and braiding are starting to take its toll on my poor hair and i felt after a full 6 years from 2004 to 2010 with stuff being done to it was time for a break… if at least for a while.. and try get my own hair growing and looking good again.. hopefully then i wont have to ‘ruin it’ again.. ;p


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