James Blagden creates very cool psychedelic styled illustrations often themed around hip hop. The Brooklyn-based artist is known for fusing together a myriad of influences and topics found in African American popular culture, the artist pokes fun at the ideas and images we accept on a regular broadcasted basis.


For instance, one image depicts two men about to kiss one another with onlookers completely in shock. His hyperbolic conveyance of the bystanders is an obvious quip about how worked up people get over homosexuality in society. Other images, such as the ones depicting a man sandwiched between two well-endowed dancers and an African-American man about to be beat down by Caucasian movie stars, also work as satires in trying to tackle afro-centric issues.

Bringing various personalities to life through his colorful imagery, the selections below are only a sample of Blagden’s growing body of work.


Click here to check our more of James Blagden’s work.

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