Over accessorizing was something once frowned upon, but has found its way into today’s fashion. It’s no longer enough to have just one accessory, instead having an assortment of rings on your finger or bracelets/bangles on your arm, has become a trend.

Celebrities and people everywhere are doing it, and I love it, it adds a flavour to your character whether edgy or elegant, but it makes your presence known. You can be as versatile as you want with it, and on any budget.

One thing to consider though is that although over accessorizing can be a huge positive, you want to keep it focused. If you’re going to wear a bunch of bracelets and rings that’s fine, but it may be your downfall if you match that with a bunch of necklaces too. There’s nothing wrong with making a statement, but you don’t need to make a statement on every inch of your body.

Here are a some of my favourite examples

Rita Ora looking edgy and rocking a variety of rings and bangles

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