FAB Fashion: Emerging Fashion Label ‘Chika Couture’ S/S14 Collection in Collaboration with Unemployed Youth

“Growing up, my parents always used to tell me that absolutely anything is achievable in this world if you are focused, have a goal and a dream. I decided to take my future into my own hands and turn my dream into a reality.”


Chika Couture is a fashion line that was founded in 2009 by a fashion forward 16 year old student Chika Iwenofu. Now 19 (turning 20 in October) and looking to push her S/S14 Collection, entitled ‘PunkAfrique’ Chika will be making the debut of her line alongside a collaboration with Unemployed Youth.

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“Starting up my label at the age of 16, I know how hard the fashion industry can be to break into and I have always wanted to find a means of inspiring other young people to follow their dreams and aspirations, putting their ideas into action regardless of age. I intend for the delivery of the Fashion Traineeship to enable me reach this goal, providing a high quality progression route to sustainable employment and reducing the proportion of young people who are NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training).

The Fashion Traineeship is designed to be as exciting and inspiring as possible and all trainees will have the opportunity to start up their own label collectively and have their work showcased during a London Fashion Week. Their pieces will also be showcased on www.chikacouture.com and is designed to be a lasting reminder that anything is possible regardless of age or background if you put your mind to it!”


Having been interested in fashion from a very young age herself, Chika harnessed her talent by first off customising t-shirts for friends and family, which then led to her starting up Chika Couture. Fascinated by the creative thought processes involved in world of fashion design and known for her immaculate eye for precision and cut, Chika decided to take her future into her own hands and start up her very own clothing line, drawing inspiration from her African heritage as a young Nigerian.

Chika Couture offers an eclectic range of garments, eloquently blending traditional African fabrics with more western designs, creating garments which are not only unique but contemporary. Focus is implemented on the bold iconic prints featured on the traditional “Ankara” fabrics which are vibrant and colourful, yet powerful and chic, encouraging young, fashion forward individuals to embrace culture and diversity in a revolutionarily fashionable way- Breaking the barriers of social and cultural divides. Of her line she describes it in three words, “Chic, Vibrant and Authentic”

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Her S/S14 Collection ‘PunkAfrique’ is built on the previous S/S13 Collection and will feature some new and very exciting designs from Chika, including colourful and bold prints mixed with on trend contemporary looks. The ‘PunkAfrique’ collection promises graphic West African Ankara prints mixed with leather and netting to give the feel of African grunge/punk style. We look forward to the unveiling of this much anticipated collection which will be unveiled on the 15th September 2014 at Fashions Finest London Fashion Week Show at a top London location in Covent Garden.

Keep up with Chika Couture via her website

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