Dressing up should be every girl’s  favourite game to play. Those times when we observe through fashion magazines, celebrities styles on TV, or surfing through the internet as we see a fashion trend that catches our attention are moments we stop to think ‘let’s try this’.

But wait a minute…before you step out of your comfort zone (your bedroom), into the public zone (the streets, your office…or any other place where we know thousands of people might scope you-  especially not in your room); you really don’t want to ‘FASHION RISK IT’.

Here are some advices:

  • The hair color: I can imagine you saying to yourself “WOW! Rihanna looks absolutely gorgeous in her red hair. How does she work it?, am so dyeing my hair red next week”…hmmm! Sounds like a cool thought tho; but have you actually looked at your skin complexion and the shape of your head if that might actually fit you.            2011 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals

Hair colours ‘1, 2, or 4’ appear as black or brown. They are hair colours you can work anytime, any day and still come out looking Fab.  Don’t get me wrong…the blonde, the red hair; even the pink hair like Nicki Minja are all trendy and stylishly beautiful…but not because those hair colours looked good on those celebrities or your friends; they might look really funny on you; and you don’t want to come out looking like a starring witch at Halloween .so – pick your hair colours carefully.   risk 14


  • High heels: Heels are useful in bringing a smart and sophisticated look to every lady’s outfit, whether you are wearing shorts, a mini skirt, a pretty dress or even Tailored trews lengthen pants; it’s the accessory that tells you “girlfriend, let’s roll” when you are completely dressed. But when walking in public, it’s the same accessory that  tells yourself “please don’t fall, please don’t fall”, as all the guys gaze at your legs and the ladies admire your shoes when you walk pass them. risk 12      If the heels are not comfortable with your feet, and you are a little bit shaky in your walking steps…please take them off and wear something much relaxing and comfy. I understand you want to look all hot and dashing for your event, but as I will say “don’t let the shoes walk you, walk the shoes”. You don’t want to ‘FASHION RISK IT’ by falling down like Sandra Bullock in ‘Miss Congeniality’ in public – Do you?

risk 11


  • The make-up: kissy face, rosy cheeks, the Minnie Mouse adorable blinking eye lashes… being a girl is FUN! , but it becomes all wrong when your make-up makes you look like a clown.    risk 10 risk 9    Yeah, yeah, yeah…am sure you loved the colorful disco make-up Beyonce had in her ’party’  musical video, or Taylor Momsen sophisticated gothic look from the ‘Gossip girl’ series , if you ask me, my thumbs are up cause I loved it. But you have to carefully realize if that heavy make-up might make you look like a queen or a dry-queen.

risk 8



  • Tight clothes: Top worst things you could do to yourself in public is to wear ‘tight clothes’. They make you look incompetent, they are totally uncomfortable, and they bring an unconfident attitude. That moment where you can’t raise your hands up comfortable, you always adjust your outfits every 2 minutes, and worst of all: you hearing the ‘Torn sound’ as you bend in public to pick up your pen. Oops! risk 7   You feel you are going to explode immediately you release your pants button or un-zip that dress – then why go to places and events choked up for minutes all in the name of “I love that outfit and it will look good on me”, why not just laugh, walk and relax in confident clothes that fit perfectly . Don’t ‘FASHION RISK IT’.


  • Eye contacts :Will you rather look like a sexy cat or look like a doll-baby a 3-year old girl abandoned somewhere in the attic and was found 10 years later looking all dusty, like a ragbag and scary every time it blinks its eyes saying the word “mama!”?,NO WAY!.  Contacts brings out the beauty of that seductive sexy look in a girl’s appearance , but if you don’t wear the right colour lens which fits your skin colour you might end up looking like Datoka Fanning in ‘Twilght’ – surely you don’t want to scare people when they look into your eyes. risk 6



  • Accessories must be right and simple: There is a different between you and a Christmas tree. A Christmas tree is meant to be decorated with lots of tree deco    risk 3 accessories like the lights, chains, balls, angels, stars and lots more. You on the other hand can’t wear all together (expect you want to look like Mr. T). Try not to look too heavy with big accessories, they might weight you down; and make you look like you are trying too much. If you are wearing a simple outfit, you should let your accessories speak for you in a chic, simple and cute manner. wow


Sure you now know what to add to your looks more or lesser this 2013. So go off and show how beautiful you are… and remember – if you don’t think it works for you – don’t FASHION RISK IT. Stay fabulous.

risk 18


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