Light-skin versus dark-skin is a debate that’s not likely to go away soon. In a bid to achieve a lighter complexion some women turn to extreme skin care procedures.

On Episode 8 of The Wrap Up, host Toolz, along with songwriter, Lami Phillips and On-Air Personality, Stephanie Coker discuss skin care procedures, particularly vampire facial, bleaching and toning.

Vampire facial involves using one’s own blood to improve skin tone, correct acne scarring and reduce rough facial texture. As great as the benefits sound, the procedure requires human blood!

“They prick your skin, poke it, make it bleed” is how Toolz explains the vampire facial to Lami Phillips. Lami’s response, “No can do; never can I.”

“No,” Stephanie Coker chips in, “It’s not that serious” when asked by Toolz if she’d ever do it.

Watch the full episode below.

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