The world waited for and watched very closely on the 29th of April 2011 when Prince William married his long time girl friend, Kate Middleton. The buzz was like never before – who would design the dress? What would it be like? And the cake? What hymns will be sung? Would they kiss on the famous balcony?

BUT what no one expected was for the beautiful bride to do her makeup herself on the morning of her wedding! Surely not when makeup artists would have begged to get the chance to lay their hands on her face. 

I praise the Duchess for her successful attempt at highlighting her features while maintaining a natural, simple and elegant look. She proved to all that if done properly, less can be more.

Rumour has it that the gorgeous bride took bridal makeup lessons with London-based Makeup Artist, Anabella Preston, before her big day (smart woman you are Kate!).

Bobbi Brown cosmetics confirmed that they were the brand behind the bridesmaids’ makeup. This juicy bit of gossip stems from an update on the brands’ Facebook page which read:

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

We are proud to confirm that Bobbi Brown Cosmetics makeup artist Hannah Martin provided makeup artistry assistance to members of the bridal party for the Royal Wedding. We wish to respect the privacy of all those involved, and therefore will not be releasing further details.

Before her big day, “Kate” was known for her natural, understated, every day makeup and it’s no surprise that she stuck to her guns when it came to her makeup for the most watched day of her life! There were debates on Twitter and the news channels about her eyebrows being too dark on the day but as a makeup artist myself, I say ‘good work Kate! No your brows weren’t too dark. They were pronounced but worked well with the overall look!

I personally love that the Duchess of Cambridge did not conform to ‘tradition’, nor did she give in to pressure from the media and world at large! She stayed true to herself. Makeup doesnt have to be about wearing MANY colours and keeping up with the Joneses! Find your own look, know your best features and highlight them for all the world to see!

**Tell us what you  thought of the bride’s makeup? Hit or Miss?**

7 Responses

  1. Pamela

    I loved everything about her wedding from the orderly manner in which the guests arrived to the church service to the kiss. She definitely did a great job with her make up. Simple, not too heavy but beautiful. Her dress was very simple but yet exquisite and stunning. William looked charming too. Wish them a happy married life.

  2. Miss O

    I love Kate’s make up too.. totally agree it was so simple and elegant not too over to top in any way… i love her eyebrows! Yayy to the big brow!

  3. Sinem

    Another amazing treat for us girls who cherish Ms Beauty Fairy’s tips. Simple and just right, I knew this would be a hit with you, Elaine.

  4. Sharon

    I absolutely loved her make-up….. She’s such a princess!

  5. Precious

    I loved her makeup… Yay!! to the full eyebrows… for those of us who are too lazy to tweeze… we have an excuse to keep rocking full brows… Nice post.. XXX

  6. Anonymous

    Her make-up really suited her… doubt I’d be as brave to follow in her footsteps on my own Big day… Interesting read Elaine.. x

  7. juliet

    for me simplicity is the key to good make-up. kate’s make up suited the occasion. It was a good blend and it projected her features excellently. Not all occasions warrant rainbow display on faces. Did anyone notice she didn’t have any extensions on her nails? thumbs up Katy!!


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