Well since last week I started my ‘good girl diet and healthy living’ regime… Have I kept it up? Well, ask my broken tooth from chomping on a piece of fudge… 🙁 Yes, it did teach me: The diet OFFICIALLY started after that believe me.

I have now attached several HOT bodies onto my inspiration board in attempt to motivate me into saying no to that second cake and yes to doing those squats in the morning. Failing that, I’m sure once I’m back from my trip to the dentist, I’ll be less inclined to reach for the sweet stuff. *She says with a tear in her eye.*

Anyways, so it’s Valentine’s Day Monday and I’m usally the male relationship advisor for FAB, but having both my male and female friends chat my ear off about their other half and what they are hoping to do/get or are getting/doing for them can get slightly tedious after yet another year with my own Valentine’s seemingly ending as a singledom one again. That ‘date’ I mentioned in my previous blog is officially still a night out with the girls (the single ones) for a good flirt. I’m hoping to spend the night dancing, maybe treating myself to a drink or three, and chatting and shamelessly flirting with someone sexy, at least just for the viewing pleasure.

Men, MAKE SURE  you either:

 a.) have something for your special lady 
b.) are taking your special lady somewhere.. 

For gift ideas, see FAB Mag issue 4 for tips (bit of FAB and self plugging there, lol) because NO MATTER WHAT.. your lady DOES want a little something or to do something with you on Valentine’s… It’s romantic – a day for couples to be soppy and lovey dovey if you wish and just enjoy the day for the two of you.

A few of my male pals who have read my Valentine’s gift ideas in FAB suggested I should tell the girls what it is guys want for Valentine’s. Apparently I have a mind “like a guy” which is “rude and crude” – erm, thanks!

So anyway ladies… Men are pretty simple creatures. Whether it be just a coat and sky scraper heels, a full blown corset and stocking set or sexy dress – and erm…. no panties underneath – I assure you he would love nothing more than if you dressed up for him for Valentine’s. 

Unless your gift for him is a Playstation, Xbox Kinnect, iPad or those trainers he’s been going on about, stick with the undies because aftershave, a CD, DVD or something else considered pretty ‘normal’ or any other small thoughtful Valentine’s gift will not be as much appreciated as you stepping into his view with something on he’d been fantasising about earlier in the week. A man loves it when you show you ‘want’ him and us women don’t tend to make the intial move enough. Take the lead with your bad self and if you didn’t get that Valentine shopping spree you hoped for, suggest it while taking yours off – gurantee you’ll be clutching a load of plastic bags by the weekend.

Soooo… as I’m single – jeez I say it enough you’d think it was a hint 😉 – and have been for a while *cough cough*, and am now on my ‘preparing for summer body quest’ I have spent the week looking at ‘hot’ celebs to get me going… To the gym, I mean. But I would be extremely happy with any of the following in my bed Valentine’s morning. And/or night for that matter. YES, I do have a girl crush. Or three. Maybe it’s not a man I need! :-/


From the age of about 11, when I first heard ‘no, no, no’ and buying my first CD album, Destiny’s Child’s Writings on the wall to Crazy in Love, to even still now I am Sasha I absolutely love Beyonce. Her confidence, shapely figure, beautiful face, attitude and strut that gives the top supermodels a run for their money is just FABulous. I love her.

Nicki Minaj:

Everyone knows im in love with this girl at the moment. She says, does and wears what she wants. Her lyrics are sick and her body even sicker (in a good way). I’ve always been a ‘big bum’ fan and well, it’s no wonder I love Miss Minaj’s. Some say it’s too big but Nicki M is my motivation to keep up with the lunges and the squats and get the ‘shelf’ bum I want. This girl is FAB. FABulous A* Booty.


Oh na na, what’s her name, oh na na.. Okay, you get it. Rihanna is doing it ridiculously well. Sweet Girl Ri has been replaced by Bad Girl Ri and everyone seems to prefer it. I do. Did you see the UK X-factor performance?!? I missed it on the night but have youtubed it many, many times now. The FABulous legs on her had all the guys deciding to go out and buy concert tickets! I thought Rihanna was beautiful, cute and pretty when she first arrived on the scene, but now words that come to mind when i think of Rihanna is sexy, sexy, sexy!

Catch me next week for a random dose of relationship advice… any topics you’d like to me natter on about, let know!

Otherwise it will probably end up rude, oh and crude. 🙂

Stay FABulous!

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  1. Anonymous

    Remember what we talked about-think warm and happy thoughts if you get down…Barbados, then Rihanna. I dare you not to smile with both of those images in your head 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    What is Uncle B to do if wifey elects to travel to Florida and the warmth to celebrate her baby sister's birthday, and I am left with gray skies and lawns that are white instead of green in the Buckeye State? And no opportunity to get into Spring shape burning some calories.


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