I’m writing this from my friend’s sofa bed. Why am I still in bed you ask? Because I am recovering from all the goodness that was last night. And I don’t even drink.

The night was incredible! The Chocolate City crew really represented that night, and the UK was definitely loving them, and their opening acts. Kevin J was hilarious (he kind of reminds me of Sinem…) and there was also a tribute to Dagrin (RIP).

We have exclusive video footage coming to you shortly by yours truly, and Sinem even managed to get you all two FAB items from back-stage as give-aways! So stay tuned for that! You’re lucky I didn’t run off with them. I contemplated running off with them and just quitting FAB… it will all be revealed soon.


I even saw my cousin Abigail there and I haven’t seen her for over a year! We were both like what are you doing here?! Lol. Priceless.

Anywho apart from me trying not to drool all over the place to get you FAB clips of what happened last night what I’m about to tell you was surprisingly one of the highlights (well it was just interesting…) of my night… A white woman, presumably British, was fighting over something with a Nigerian woman. Wait for it…

MI and the Chocolate City family were stripping at certain points of the show and throwing the items out to the audience (watch out for a video of that coming to a YouTube near you) the white girl caught MI’s jacket (excuse the references please I didn’t catch their names) and the two women proceeded to fight for about 10 minutes over the jacket. It was serious. In short, the crowd loved them, the Chocolate City family had great showmanship. It was love on my part to you I didn’t put my camera down to grab the various bits and bobs coming by me to the audience. Though in the end my love for MI just broke through and I had to snatch his bracelet. I’m sorry, but you still got great footage Lol. I still feel bad about it though, me and another girl both had it in our hands, and well…

Note: I’m very rarely like that but MI is a great lyricist, and I respect good clean lyrics. A lot of music nowadays is more about sales. I appreciate the time he takes to write, and his punchlines are incredible *wipes drool*

Ok ok, enough rambling on, long story short it was a great night. We took loads of pictures but here are the ones I managed to get to get to add to my I love MI pile share with you guys…

Allow me the name tag picture my friends… Was my first press badge!

The bracelet I snatched. He offered right? right? Lol

Ok my lovelies,

Till next time,

Nwadi xx

7 Responses

  1. Sinem

    Hahahaha! He offered? You tell yourself that, my dear. :)

    Yup, I fought for those give aways with blood, sweat and tears :)

    Kevin J, my fellow Afroyinbo!

    Great post, Nwadi.

  2. Precious

    Hey Nwadi,
    Am so jealous of you… :)
    MI is like my biggest crush ATM.. all thanks to his lyrics… They are genius:)
    I totally feel you on the press tag.. My first was at the FELA! press conference.. I was still wearing mine even after the conference… Lol
    It’s great to be FAB right?
    Thanks for the post and congrats on the bracelet… You might have to fight me anytime I set my eyes on it :)
    Stay FAB!!!

    • Nogo

      Lol Suby!!!

      Hahaha in all fairness my battery was soo low at that point! In hindsight the drool saved us because we got great back-stage exclusives!

      All is well, ends well! ;) xx

  3. Nogo

    Lol thanks guys!

    Sinem was definitely a fighter! She fought for one of the Choc boys hat for me too… She was really fighting! Best editor ever!

    Precious we will fight to the bloody death! Haha no I joke we must go to a show together. I really do wish I was going to Gidi in the near future *sigh*

    Yes it is great to be FAB! xx

  4. Kingi

    Well Done Nwadi, nicely written.
    M.I is a talent that needs alot more recognition in the western world.
    Reminds me of when my Asian friend tweeted One naira, yes! Because i played it all the damn time.
    And my Africana Americana friends asking me who it is…
    Big Ups To the Nigerian Music Industry. Doing Great Things for the continent and very soon the rest of the world.

  5. Nicola

    LMAO.. Nwadi that post did make me laugh… love it… well wished i couldve been there!.. My long arms, legs and giraffe neck deffo wouldve snabbed some bits!.. Can imagine you and Sinem though! lol and Suby rolling his eyes and laughing! lol.. FAB post xx


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