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Cristiano Ronaldo In Lawsuit Over CR7 Trademark As US Man Sues The Soccer Star


Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo is suffering an obstacle to setting up his worldwide brand: a trademark lawsuit. The athlete chose the shorthand CR7 as his brands name, and has begun moving into underwear, shirting, and shoes. But as he began to move into the U.S. market, his team noticed that someone else already had a trademark on the letter-number combination.

Christopher Renzi, the current owner of the CR7 trademark in the US and Ronaldo’s legal team are now in court to see whether or not the U.S. government will cancel Renzi’s existing trademark in favor of the rising athlete’s plans.

Cristiano Ronaldo is also known to fans by the shorthand CR7, prompting the company behind his line of sleek underwear to target a Rhode Island man who has trademarked the letter-number combination, according to a new lawsuit.

CR7-Underwear-Cristiano-Ronaldo-Fall-Winter-2014-Campaign-001-800x1067 CR7-Underwear-Cristiano-Ronaldo-Fall-Winter-2014-Campaign-002-800x1067 CR7-Underwear-Cristiano-Ronaldo-Fall-Winter-2014-Campaign-003-800x936 CR7-Underwear-Cristiano-Ronaldo-Fall-Winter-2014-Campaign-004-800x1014

According to Reuters, in a complaint filed Monday in Rhode Island federal court, 43-year-old fitness enthusiast Christopher Renzi said he had received letters from lawyers for the Danish company JBS Textile Group demanding he give up the trademark because it had “imminent plans” to enter the U.S. market with Ronaldo’s CR7 underwear. Christopher Renzi registered the moniker in 2009 and has put it on jeans and T-shirts, Feldhuhn said. He also has a website advertising a seven-minute fitness workout, also under the CR7 name. According to the complaint, Renzi adopted the mark based on his initials and the day he was born, Oct. 7.

Court materials showed that JBS, which said it holds the “exclusive, worldwide license” to market Ronaldo’s CR7 underwear, believed Renzi trademarked CR7 specifically to profit from Ronaldo’s soaring fame.


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