Could this be Nnaji's daughter?

Unless you consider yourself to be a die-hard nollywood fan, many of you will be surprised to discover that Naija’s best-loved actress, Genevieve Nnaji gave birth to a baby girl when she was just 17.

Known for being notoriously private, Genny – who recently celebrated her 32nd Birthday in London with her ‘alleged’ on-off flame D’Banj – has rarely spoken about her daughter, and to this day, has not revealed the identity of her father.

Are they, Aren't they? Dbanj and Genevieve in London last week

The girl seen in the picture bears a striking resemblance with the actress and if this is Genny’s daughter, she could soon be turning 16. The picture mysteriously appeared on the social-networking site Twitter earlier on this evening, and the actress’s publicist is yet to respond to inevitable questions.

Speaking to The Daily Sun a few years ago, when asked how she managed to survive in such a fierce industry as a single mother Nnaji responded: “It is because, to have a child is not a curse, it is a blessing. It depends on how you decide to take it or how you programme yourself to see the world. I believe it is a grace God has given me; I see it as a blessing not a curse. The way you see things determines the way they work for you.”

Nnaji knows how to keep people guessing

Well one things for sure, if this is Genevieve’s offspring; Move over mama there’s a younger, hotter Nnaji in town.


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3 Responses

  1. Nogo

    JULIANA *in Nigerian accent* JULIANA! JULIANA! How many times did I say your name? 😉 Where did you get gist like this? Abeg tweet me your sources so we can talk 😉 I of course, did my public duty and passed this information on Lol xx

    • Juliana Oladipo

      Nogo… If I tell you I may have to ……. you get the drift? LoL x

  2. Nicola

    Hahaha great post Juliana, love the pic of Genevieve and her possible ‘daughter’.. they look like sisters!.. and what a FABulous hot couple Dbanj and Genevieve would make!


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