Despite being in every dance club going back in school: African and Bollywood dance classes (I nailed) Contemporary (I was ight), Street dance (I was sent to the back), I’m one of those people that like going with the flow and feeling free when I’m dancing,  no routines, no rules no regulations. But I’ve always wanted to learn the sensuous steps of Salsa, the passion, the control, the twists, the turns, the highs and the lows.

Club Salsa Students

I feel quite ashamed of myself really, with all the trips to different parts of the Latin world, all my Latino friends, I still haven’t learnt how to dance the Salsa!

So with all the ‘I’m going to learn how to Salsa’, I never knew I would take my bold steps in Lagos of all places, so you can imagine I was thrilled to discover ‘Club Salsa’ a salsa class for all levels every week, held on the smooth floor of the downstairs of a Thai Restaurant called Chaophraya. ‘Club Salsa’ is held every Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm. The classes are indeed fun, full of positive vibes and serious steppers. It’s also nice to know that fellow students are willing to help those tripping over themselves (like me and Jay CapoCapa).

So if anyone knows of any Latin disco nights, Samba or Kizomba classes anywhere in this Lagos, please hook a girl up…Gracias.

Now going to practice my baby Salsa steps.

Me & Cynthia- Club Salsa Teacher

Club Salsa Students

Oh look! Smooth FM's Aderonke getting her Salsa on.

My dance partner Jay CapoCapa ;0)

After Salsa comes Thai

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  1. Michael

    Hi? Where is this salsa club? I’m visiting Lagos and would love to dance here too!


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