We all love accessories and we can all agree that no outfit is complete without the right accessory, but despite this awareness, most women pay less attention to the most important God-given accessory.

What can this be? You may ask.

Keep reading.

Your boldest accessory is perched right on your face, yes, your eyebrows. Your brows can make or mar your face no matter how beautiful you are or how much effort you put into your outfit. So today I will be doling out tips that will help you achieve browfection!

Tip 1: Define your arches

This will instantly give your face a lift. First you need to find your natural arch, place your finger above the outer half of your brow and raise the skin; your arch should be where your brow naturally blends. Next, use your brow pencil to fill in the whole shape of your brow. Then pluck one row of hairs from the bottom; start over the inner-eye corner and follow the shape of your brow, moving outward to the end. If you want your arch to be higher, pluck one more row of hairs along the bottom.

Tip 2: Go thicker

Thick brows make your face look more youthful and also frames your eyes better. Age brings so many changes to our bodies and our brows are not exempt. As you age, your brows become sparser and less full.

Do not despair; you can still pull thick brows off. Here’s how to do it: be patient, let all hairs grow out for about three to four weeks before seeing a pro to have them shaped. If you are afraid that letting your brows grow out will leave you looking like a grizzly bear is sitting on your forehead then you can opt for plucking a few strands, but be sure to limit it to hairs along the bridge of your nose and near your lids.

To achieve any sort of browfection you have to have the right tools, these tools are essential to getting perfect brows:

first, get a pair of tweezers.

Natural-colour brow eye pencil

Clear lash mascara

Finish it off with a tapered angle brush.

But if you would rather have it done by a pro then there is the added option of threading which most women prefer as stray hairs take longer to grow out when this method is used.

Follow these tips and watch your face transform for the better. Be FAB!

5 Responses

  1. DE

    Love your article maam! This is one of the best. Ppl need to learn to take care of their brows. I am very particular about mine. Once your brows are perfect, you don’t need a lot of mkup to look good. Your brows speak for itself.

  2. DramaQueenNaomi

    Av always had issues with my Brow so I hv vry scanty brows so getting d perfect brow has always bin a no no for me, so I’ll like to knw where I can get them Threaded as this might help boost a sisters self esteem…..Thank u

  3. Karen Eloke Young

    @naomi: I’m glad you liked it, you can get your brows threaded at “hair ltd salon” on Bishop Oluwole str,V.I or “Montaigne Place spa” on Muri Okunola, V.I. Be FAB! :D

  4. tosin

    I’ll definitely try out threading, my brow hairs always grow too fast. Nice one Karen!


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