I just got back from an excellent performance by one of FAB Magazine’s favorite artists, Bilal. How much do we love Bilal at FAB you might ask? Check out our feature on him in the current issue of FAB Magazine (available at most Barnes & Noble stores in the US and WH Smith’s in the UK).

I’ll be writing a more detailed review of the performance itself and the venue (the truly remarkable place that is the Old Rock House St Louis) in the next day or so, but I couldn’t keep this bit of news to myself for that long-didn’t think it would be fair to all you nice people.








I and some super FAB friends of mine (big shout out to KVN and MC) thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and got to hang out with Bilal after the show for a bit. By a bit I mean not long at all, but long enough to present him with his very own copy of the Escapism Issue that bears his name on the cover and has a nice 2 page feature based on our interview with him when he was in London earlier in the year.

He was totally thrilled with getting a copy of FAB (see photo evidence above) and like us regular mortals and the multitudes of FAB groupies, couldn’t put it down (pictures never lie my friends).

So FAB magazine strikes again…our sinister plan is working [insert evil laugh]. Now even Bilal is hooked on FAB!

As always, you’re welcome America!


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