The Body Butter Company is a Ghanaian company based in Tema. The company has created a brand consisting of all-natural Shea butter-based bath and body products which can be used regularly as personal care products, or given away as gifts or wedding favours.

The Body Butter Company believes that everything the skin needs to look and feel its best has been provided by nature. Some of these natural solutions have been used by Ghanaian women for generations before the influx of chemically enhanced skin products. It is these age old recipes that The BBC brings to its customers.

The vision of this growing company is to become a leading indigenous brand of all-natural bath and body care products that is acclaimed both for its efficacy and moderate pricing.

The Body Butter Company sources materials locally, initially placing emphasis on finding raw and processed materials from suppliers with the highest quality

The Body Butter Company’s present Shea-based products consist of Lemon shower gel, Vanilla Body Mousse, Hair Mousse, Black Soap Hair Shampoo, Black Soap Face Wash, Honey Body Scrub, Anti Acne set, Mint Soap, Honey, Lavender Massage Oil, Eucalyptus Massage Oil and Frankincense Bath Salts.

Some of these products are packaged and sold in a Gift Bath set for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, Valentine’s Day, or weddings, and most come in smaller sizes that are perfect for wedding favours.

The Body Butter Company delivers for now but their products will soon be stocked in various shops in Accra and Kumasi. To order some of their products call 0268891622.



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  1. Nana Araba

    The products do look good. But I don’t see the one I want to try the most, the vanilla mousse body cream. Gonna put my order in soon.


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