Born Zainab Agoro in Chicago, Illinois to Nigerian parents Yinka and Supo Agoro, Zaina spent her early years in the United States.  Zaina’s entry into the entertainment industry came naturally. Her striking face and tall slender frame made her stick out in every setting. She immediately attracted the likes of industry professionals and scouts. She began her modeling career at the tender age of 6 posing and smiling for any camera in site, and actually featured in a number of print Ads. By the age of 10 however, Zaina realized that her passion wasn’t so much in Modeling but in music.

She joined the local choirs in her school in England and then came back to the US at age 16 to further her education in music. An all around music lover, Zaina also took up the trumpet and tuba; she played in her school’s orchestra and jazz band for six years.  Zaina is not only a beautiful face and a virtuoso musician; she is also an astute academic, armed with a Law degree from Georgia State University.

By around 2005, a musically mature and well-rounded Zaina began her journey to stardom.  After gaining modest popularity amongst the Nigerian community in the United States, she recently returned to Nigeria with the intention of bringing the Zaina experience home to the source of her roots.  Though she never lived in Nigeria, she developed a passion for her beloved Country and after years of short trips, she finally decided to make the bold move and relocate in December 2010.

She is currently working on her first album which is scheduled to be released sometime in the second quarter of 2011 and will feature production from TY Mix, DelB, Jay Sleek and some other Nigerian and International Producers.  The Album is projected to be a truly refreshing musical experience bridging the gap between smooth African vibes and mainstream R&B/pop.

In her relatively short musical career, she has had the privilege to work with artists such as Eldee (also featured on his album “return of the king”), Darey Art Alade, Beazy, Keno, CapB, Del, Banky W, Styl Plus, Zara, Amplifyed, Lynxx, Sauce Kid, Sasha, Naira, and many others…. She has graced the same stage with the likes of DBanj, Tuface, Eldee, Majek Fashek, and Nykita just to mention a few.

She has been nominated by the Nigerian Entertainment Awards primarily based in tge US the first female in a music video category and is currently nominated for three awards for her single moving on by the Nigerian promoters association (



Mr FAB has this chat with her a few days ago! Enjoy!
Mr FABB)   ‎​, Zizi brwn shuga:*

Mr FABB)   ‎​: Zainab!
Mr FABB)   ‎​: Miss Agoro...What's good?
Mr FABB)   ‎​: Are you back in Gidi or you're still out in the states?
Zizi brwn shuga:*: Lol I'm still out me dear. How now?
Mr FABB)   ‎​: I'm good love...
Mr FABB)   ‎​: What's keeping you out there? Music or...:D
Zizi brwn shuga:*: No o. Had to take care of some things and its just taking 4ever :( 
I'm ready to come back
Mr FABB)   ‎​: So tell me...what's the plan when you come back? Sincerely, I'm tired
of telling people there's this hot Nigerian singer who is absolutely amazing!
Mr FABB)   ‎​: I know your video has gone viral but what's the push like to get it
on the terrestrial and cable platforms asap? I feel its time for the world
to hear you...Babes what's the plan?
Zizi brwn shuga:*: :D 
Zizi brwn shuga:*: Well I started focusing on recording while I was there
so that's it so far
Mr FABB)   ‎​: Nice, so we are expecting an album in the course of the year right?
Zizi brwn shuga:*: By Gods grace. I really need to finalize on a team b4 going further
Mr FABB)   ‎​: you think you would be signing a record deal or management deal
Zizi brwn shuga:*: Yea I have some offers but I need to come back and weigh options
Zizi brwn shuga:*: wish I could talk to u face to face :( 
Mr FABB)   ‎​: I wish I could too, but make the best use of this now
Zizi brwn shuga:*: Yea so I just want the best deal that will get me the best
sound as well as proper exposure. There are a lot of girls grinding now so u
gotta come out right abi
Mr FABB)   ‎​: You have to come out on point my dear and I believe you have all it takes...
Mr FABB)   ‎​: Do you also think that the Nigerian Music industry is hostile towards
female artists?
Zizi brwn shuga:*: Yes somewhat. I wouldn't say hostile but def not as
Mr FABB)   ‎​: I think the industry is a grind like everything else and one must put
in the work whilst leaving gender aside to catch the attention of the "would-be" fans,
what do you think?
Zizi brwn shuga:*: I agree completely. Then its to find the proper brand and image
that will attract those would be fans
Mr FABB)   ‎​: Most definitely! Can I advise on one thing though? Stay yourself as
much as you possibly can! Nobody can do you like you! That way, you're not just an
act who has to keep up with "the act"... That can be quite tiring, if you ask me:)
Zizi brwn shuga:*: That's very true, and great advice. Thanks bro :D 
Mr FABB)   ‎​: I like your status message: If your life is salty, get u some sugar!
You mean like Zizi Brown Sugar?:D
Zizi brwn shuga:*: Hehe but of course ;;)
Mr FABB)   ‎​: Lol!!!!
Mr FABB)   ‎​: Anyways, I'm seriously looking forward to you contributing to taking
the Nigerian Music industry to the next level...
Zizi brwn shuga:*: Me too o. Should be a great experience
Mr FABB)   ‎​: I have to go off bbm soon but tell me, what would you say are the top
three qualities you possess that will serve as an asset as you bring your offering
to Nigeria?
Zizi brwn shuga:*: Mmmh my humble nature, ability to communicate with
all sorts of people, and being unique I guess
Mr FABB)   ‎​: You know its nice chatting with you as always. Do not forget I am all
about pushing all things Fabulous, African and Black and in my books you absolutely
Mr FABB)   ‎​: Enjoy your night!


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