Everyone loves a YouTube viral, right? The power they have to turn an unknown into an overnight sensation is incredible, especially when the subject matter is something many of the viewers can relate to.

In this particular case, a black and Jewish American actress has taken to YouTube to spoof the Wiz Khalifa worldwide hit ‘Black and Yellow’.

Entitled ‘Black and Jewish’ Katerina Graham who stars in US drama The Vampire Diaries, takes to the video to celebrate her dual heritage in a humorous and self deprecating way.

Born of a Jewish mother and Liberian father, Katerina raps about assimilating the mixture of two cultures into her life.


“Reppin’ for my parents when you see me you know everything, Black and Jewish, Black and Jewish, Black and Jewish, black and Jewish!”

“I get my hair did, read the Torah, I’m thugged out, I stab my enemies with the Menorah!”she raps over the now infamous beat.

The video, which received 70,000 hits within the first week of its release, has been on the whole greatly received with one YouTube user commenting: Life is to short to be too serious about our backgrounds, luv this vid.”




Take a real peek at the original Black and Yellow video and let us know which version is the most




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