It all kicked off in the garden, (Luclay centre)

The gloves are definately off in the Tails House as yesterday afternoon, 28 year-old Ugandan PR consultant Ernest and South African born Luclay got into a rather heated verbal disagreement over an acting task.

Ernest was accused of being selfish and insecure by his two South African housemates

Luclay had apparently been keeping his disliking for Ernest under wraps until the Ugandan dissed his acting skills. Luclay responded by saying Ernest had ashy feet and had not brushed his teeth, from that point o the two were at each others throats in the garden.

Nkuli isn't afraid to speak her mind

Not one to mince her words, fellow South African Nkuli decided to jump in and defend her country mate by labeling Ernest a fake, with zero personality and zero charisma. Ouch!!! “You are an instigator…even in the other House,” she said.

The two housemates were punished by Big Brother – aptly named Biggie by contestants – and after a pep talk by Kenyan Nic, the tension between the pair seems to have cleared…

The question is…for how long?

The two explain themselves to Big Brother


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