It’s been less then a week since the two houses were merged and already these amplified housemates have bed swapped, argued and conspired to evict people. The last 4 weeks of this series should be explosive.

There is a fine line between love and hate so with plenty of loving comes plenty of the inevitable.. here’s a breakdown.


Firstly – the awkward threesome that involved Lomwe, Hanni and Vina – now has a fourth member in Kim. The supposedly quiet Zambian who shared a fling with evicted housemate Nic has now set her eyes – and hands – firmly onto the Malawian who has now become Big Brother Amplified’s most sought after bachelor.

After an eventful task, Kim shared some intimate moments with Lomwe and ended up staying in his bed for the night – this did not go down well with his former love Vina – who declared to the rest of the house that Kim has no morals for betraying a friend. Vina could have had more support from her fellow housemates but she previously stole Lomwe from Hanni and had a mid-week argument with Vimbai that has left some questioning her motives. For now Lomwe seems to be loving all the attention he is getting from newbie Kim.


Initially Weza expressed her feelings towards Ghanian housemate Alex but he was uninterested and began building a connection with Miss P – who seems to have fallen head over heels in love for him. This wouldn’t be reality television without a twist, so now that the houses have merged together Alex is beginning to take a keen interest in Weza. Weza is miss unpopular at the moment and also has something going on with Luclay. The Angolan is aware of the feelings Miss P has toward Alex, however Alex has told her he likes Miss P only as a friend, but Weza as a lover.. This could get ugly.


Luclay has been on the biggest roller coaster since the start of the show and when Weza entered the tails house a couple of weeks ago, she seemed to calm him down. Well that’s gone out of the window. With all the exposure of Weza’s gossiping and backbiting, and claims of being the hottest chick in the house, the South African – who is favorite to win – seems to have called off the showmance. I’m sure once the alcohol starts flowing again they will be back to the bedsheets…


The series’ biggest character Karen has now (desperately) latched on to Zeus who has a girlfriend on the outside but cannot seem to detach himself from the outspoken Nigerian. Karen has said from day 1 she is in it to win it, so I suspect this one is to keep the viewers entertained.


It’s the final countdown…

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