erm... Confidence is certainly a handful

On Day 10 In his chat session, Zeus has expressed how uncomfortable he felt putting his hands over Confidence’s huge breasts, in a scene that could go down as the hottest EVER on Big Brother Africa.

Both Houses were asked to produce a professional calendar, complete with a “Making Of” video for their first Task. The four themes the Housemates worked with were: Discretely Nude, Around the World, Swimsuit Sublime and the Fancy Dress theme.

Weza is considered the heads house sexiest

Housemates enjoyed getting creative with their photo-shoot however some suggested to Big Brother that Confidence’s semi-naked covorting in the bathtub was more trashy than sexy.

After all the photo shoots in the Heads House, housemates declared that Angolan Weza – who faces eviction along with Confidence on Sunday night – is the sexiest of them all.

In his chat session, Michael claimed to love the girls but pointed out Weza and Sharon in particular.Felicia and Lomwe also expressed how smoking 26-year-old model Weza looks.

Ghanain Confidence, Vina from Nigeria, Danny from Ethiopia, Weza from Angola, Jossy from Namibia and Vimbai from Zimbabwe all face eviction.



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    i think the pic luk gud nd i lyk de awy Confidence do her things in the hus gal keep it up dnt let Vimbai 2 step on ur toe shes tryin to be miss pefected

  2. abiola popoola

    I think i like the way confidence graph the breast that all


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