Lotus got down and dirty with Ernest in the jacuzzi


Wow, these contestants are so naughty this year. As the tails housemates celebrated the 24th birthday of South African TV intern Nkuli, unlikely pair – Ugandan born Ernest and Lotus from Tanzania – began snogging each others faces off in the jacuzzi, much to the dismay of their onlooking housemates.

Day 11 was a fun day for both houses as Big Brother supplied some great entertainment for the gang courtesy of  a Djembe session. Djembe is derived from a saying which means “everyone gather together in peace”. Something the housemates certainly needed and definitely benefited from.

In other BB news, Nominated Heads housemate Angolan Weza was made head of house and Miss P from Botswana is the new Head of House for Tails.


DJ O'Neal will be rocking the house for the Tails Bubble Party this Saturday night

Big Brother announced today that Botswana’s most prominent urban act Vee Wa Mampela, or Lieutenant General Vee as he calls himself will be performing live at the eviction stage on Sunday night. He will be joined by Hip Hop act Scar who has been critically acclaimed, receiving two awards at the annual Botswana Hip Hop Music Awards.

On Saturday night Tails will be getting down to Botswana’s DJ O’Neal’s beats at their foam party. The 32 year old DJ, whose real name is Zibanani Madumo, is a popular radio presenter in Botswana.



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