Goodbye Michael

Big Brother’s big time womanizer 32 year-old hairdresser Michael from Mozambique, has been the third amplified contestant to be evicted from the show.

Michael was unaware until earlier this evening that he had faced the public vote as initially his fellow heads housemates nominated Confidence, Vina, Sharon, Bernadina and Hanni. it was head of house Vimbai that decided to swap Hanni with Michael and when she had to reveal the decision to the housemates Michael responded by saying: ‘cool’.

Michael was the obvious choice to leave this week, as his arrogance and overconfidence around women didn’t seem to take with the African viewers too well. On leaving the show the lothario said he would miss Sharon the most. Something i’m sure last weeks evictee Nkuli wont be too happy to hear, as the two were allegedly dating before the show started, and on leaving Big Brother the South African beauty declared she was looking forward to seeing Michael the most.

Bernadina from Namibia is now a tails housemate and she was pleasantly surprised to see that there was another house.

Let the games continue……..


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