9 days is a long time in reality television land , and with the fake eviction, revelation of a new house and the nominations announcement,  suddenly Big Brother Amplified has become riveting television.

On Day 7 Big Brother announced to the housemates that there would be no eviction that evening and instead the 11 housemates were moved to a new house ‘tails house’ leaving 15 of the other housemates behind in the ‘heads house’. Speculation grew as to whether or not their fellow contestants had been evicted especially as some alliances had been broken.


The heads housemates include Wendell (Zimbabwe), Hanni (Ethiopia), Millicent (Kenya), Danny (Ethiopia) , Lomwe (Malawi), Vina (Nigeria),Bernadina (Namibia), Michael (Mozambique), Felicia (Malawi), Jossy (Namibia), Zues (Botswana), Vimbai (Zimbabwe), Sharon O (Uganda) and Weza (Angola).

While the tails housemates are made up of Kim (Zambia), Miss. P (Botswana), Karen (Nigeria), Nic (Kenya), Nkuli (South Africa), Luclay (South Africa), Mumba (Zambia),Lotus (Tanzania), Bhoke (Tanzania) and Ernest (Uganda) make up the housemates for The Tails house.


On Day 8 Big Brother made a surprise announcement to the heads housemates by informing them that nominations had started.

37 year-old Ghanian Night – Club owner Confidence received the most nominations, with some housemates labeling her selfish, arrogant, bossy and intimidating. Other housemates nominated were Danny, Jossy, Vina, Weza and Zeus. As Zeus was Head of House Big Brother gave him an oppurtunity to save himself and put somebody else on the firing line. The entrepreneur put Vimbai up for the public vote.

Outspoken Confidence faces the chop on Sunday

There could be fireworks in the house if the diva Confidence survives eviction on Sunday 15th May. She didnt take her nomination too lightly, calling the housemates who voted for her fake.

Jossy Nominated

Vina Nominated

Danny Nominated

Weza Nominated

Vimba Up For Eviction









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