Karen and Bhoke Fight


Oh dear… Karen and Bhoke had a massive fight this evening which lasted for about 20 minutes and looked as if it could have come to blows.

Those following my posts regularly will remember I recently posted a story questioning whether or not the relationship between Ernest and Bhoke was real. Well apparently the feelings the twosome have for each other are genuine and Bhoke went the full lengths to prove this to Africa as she defended her love against Karen’s insults.


Earlier this evening Ernest told Karen she needed to get laid, which didn’t go down well with the Nigerian native who began telling housemates just how much she couldn’t stand him.

Just as the tailsmates were getting ready for bed, a sambuca fueled slanging match randomly began between Tanzanian Bhoke and Karen, with the latter calling Bhoke a ‘slut’ and ‘desperate’ for jumping between Nic and Ernest and Bhoke was quick to call Karen ‘insecure’ and ‘sad’.

Sounds childish, but it looked really serious, and at one point it looked as if Bhoke was gonna physically attack her.

While all this was going down, Kim and Mumba looked on in amusement.

I hate to admit it but I can’t wait for the fall out in the morning.


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  1. Anonymous

    Karen tells Bhoke: “You tell us you have a boyfriend that you love outside the House, then you hook up with Ernest.”

    Basically, I think their feelings are not for real. Bhoke is quick to tell Biggie in the Chat Room that falling in love for her is a big thing and she was drunk while flirting in the jacuzzi. And that people having misconceptions in the house with regards to how close housemates are getting.

    Having said that, it’s very sad and embarrassing to see Bhoke carry herself so loosely firstly as a woman, a recognized face back in Tanzania and while having a real relationship outside the house.


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