Happy Birthday Lomwe

I’ve said it once but i’ve gotta say it again; Big Brother Amplifed is full of some of reality televisions horniest housemates ever. I mean, get a room or turn off the mic guys. Dayuum… the whole of Africa is watching.

Day 33 and the heads housemates celebrate the 28th birthday of their fellow contestant, Malawian club DJ, Lomwe.

Lomwe has proven to be a popular housemate amongst the heads in the past month or so, and the contestants really went out of their way to make the lover boy feel special.

Earlier this evening, during a drunken discussion with Nigerian Vina and Ethiopian Hanni, Lomwe insisted on sharing a french kiss with his on-off flame Hanni – who he surprisingly nominated for eviction last week. As soon as he said this Vina immediately declared that she was leaving them to it and attempted to walk into the house. A prompt move which showed a tad bit of jealousy toward Hanni and left the mood in the air a little bit tense. Only a few days ago Sharon O told Big Brother that she had noticed Vina flirting with Lomwe and she strongly believed the nigerian had developed feelings for him.

Now now girls

In other news, during todays birthday celebrations Felicia and Millicent were touchy feely with each other once again. It was only last week that they snuck a cheeky kiss with one another, and today the pair were caressing each others bodies while dancing to some slow jamz. Felicia even started touching Millicent’s voluptuous behind.  A sign that the girls are aching for some male affection.

Let the drama continue.

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  1. suha

    vina is mean she using her friend to get what she wants out


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