The lovers could be separated this Sunday

Ernest and Bhoke the tails’ are they/aren’t they couple – both face eviction this Sunday which could see the end of Big Brother Amplified’s only real relationship.

Ugandan Ernest looked pretty shocked on hearing the nomination results while his on-screen girlfriend Bhoke found comfort in a glass of wine. Something that has become a regular occurrence for the feisty Tanzanian.

Luclay was also put up for eviction on Monday night, but fortunately for him, his Head of House buddy Michael replaced him with Miss P – unbeknown to the other housemates. As the possibility of being evicted begins to dawn on Bhoke, It seems as if she is beginning to regret some of her wild antics with Ernest.

Last night, in an intimate conversation with Nic (her first love interest) Bhoke tried to play down her relationship with him saying: “Some days are good, some days are bad.”

She mentioned how it would drive her mad to pursue her relationship with Ernest any further outside the house because they both live in different countries and insecurity would take the best of her.

One things for sure, Miss P has proven very popular so whoever goes this Sunday will be surely missed.

Bhoke’s nemesis Karen surprisingly escaped nominations this week, even though the nigerian has had confrontations with almost every single housemate.

Ernest nominated

Bhoke nominated

Miss P faces eviction


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