Weza's arrival into the tails house has caused a stir

On Monday the tails nominated Alex, Danny, Kim, Luclay and Nic for eviction but as Alex is currently the head of the tails house, the Ghanaian was able to save himself from the chop and and put Karen up instead.

When the news breaks on Sunday, the swap will probably come as a surprise to Karen because the glamour girl believed she had been succesfull in her mission to get the girls to nominate the boys so it would be an all female final.The majority of the  girls went ahead with her suggestions showing just how dominant her opinions have become.

The schemer has even been trying to confirm her allegiance with Luclay – who has become very close to Weza over the past couple of days. In the early hours of the morning Karen asked Luclay what the deal was behind their cozy friendship and Luclay defended his loyalties to the nigerian – who is tipped to become a huge nollywood star when she leaves the show – but admitted that if he were outside the house he would date Weza. Little does he know the Angolan nominated him for eviction this week.

In other BB news, yesterday night the housemates were asked to tell each other horror stories and the mini task quickly turned creepy as the majority of the contestant shared real life experiences.

Nic spoke of the first reported incident of cannibalism in Kenya, where a guy was arrested for chopping a boy’s body and storing it in his fridge.

Vimbai told a story of a girl that got involved in a cult because she saw some of their rituals her boyfriend performed. She heard the story from church and warned the fellow Housemates to be careful who they associated with.

Namibian housemate Bernadina was not convinced.

Nic Nominated

Danny Nominated


Luclay Nominated

Kim Nominated

Karen up for eviction


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