Heads Housemates - Closer to The Prize

Plenty has happened yet there are still 20 contestants vying to become the winner of Big Brother Amplified 2011. So Sunday night saw the surprise double eviction of BB’s favourite couple Ernest and Bhoke which unsurprisingly went down really well with their former tails housemates who seemed glad to finally take back some of the spotlight.

Karen in particular – who is finally beginning to show her true colors as being quite manipulative and very hypocritical – told Big Brother she was glad to see the back of the pair as things had turned sour between herself and Bhoke after their explosive argument.

The Nigerian disgraced Bhoke in-front of their fellow housemates a few weeks ago by calling the Tanzanian desperate for frolicking with Ernest on a tv show watched by the whole of Africa.

Funny how your words can come back and bite you at times because on Monday night it was Karen who was watched by the whole of Africa frolicking with Luclay, in his bed, for the second time. Desperate?

Take a Hike Ebhok!

In other BB news a surprising 7 heads housemates have been nominated for eviction this week which will see either Confidence, Vimbai, Hanni, Millicent, Vena, Weza or  Zeus being evicted this Sunday night. Sharon O was the only housemate not to receive a nomination.

Head of House Lomwe had an option to save either of his two love interests Hanni or Vina from the chop but tactically he decided to Felicia and replace her with Vimbai. I wonder what his two ladies will think. Particularly as the threesome has garnered alot of public interest this week. It appears that the Malawian chose country loyalty over love.





Confidence Nominated

Vina Nominated

Hanni Nominated

Millicent Nominated

Weza Nominated

Zeus Nominated

Vimbai Up For Eviction


3 Responses

  1. mike

    people like wedza are just voting just because they want to remove the tough ones in the comopetion

  2. Rashur Aliamba

    yeah dats how its supposed be coz everyone wants to win. i would do the same thing 2 remove ma threats


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