As Sunday saw the shock exit of the three popular housemates Alex, Miss P and Weza, nobody in the amplified series is safe.

Most countries only have one representative left in the House while Zambia, Nigeria and Zimbabwe still stand firm with two Housemates. South Africa still has Luclay, Namibia has Bernadina, Ethiopia has Hanni, Lomwe for Malawi, Millicent for Kenya, Sharon O for Uganda and Zeus for Botswana.

This weeks nominations are already in and Zeus, Vina, Mumba, Lomwe and Bernadina all face the chop. Wendall was initially put up for eviction but his fellow country mate – Head of House Vimbai – replaced him with Mumba which was highly tactical as she had initially nominated Karen and has had a series of arguments with her all week.

Their fued started as Vimbai claimed Karen was antagonizing her in a way she didnt accept from people who were not her friends and the Zimbabwe native told the Nigerian she needed to be put in her place. When Vimbai calmly walked away from a possible confrontation, Karen – as per usual – added fuel to the flames by saying; “Go fu*k yourself skinny bitch”. Ouch!! The tension between the two increased from there.

Whose going this week?

Zeus Nominated

Vina Nominated

Lomwe Nominated

Bernadina Nominated

Mumba faces eviction

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