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Beyoncé & Jay Z Cozy Up In Portofino


With the stats of their recent ‘On The Run’ tour breaking bank, singer Beyoncé and her rapper husband Jay Z certainly have every reason to be all smiles. Divorce rumours aside, the couple have been having a terrific year so far with new achievements and accolades.

Even the best and most hard-working performers need a break sometime so it comes as no surprise that Bey and Jay decided to take a break before their last two “OTR” tour stops in Paris to enjoy family time in Portofino, Italy.

After celebrating Beyoncé’s birthday on September 4th with a family day out on the beach, the couple took some quite time for themselves as they were spotted cozying up and looking ‘crazy in love’ while taking a walk in Portofino, Italy. You have to hand it to Jay Z and Beyonce. They have really mastered commenting on all of the rumors and allegations swirling around regarding the state of their marriage without ever really saying a word.

Check out more pictures of them on vacation below:

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